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Eco-Friendly Fashion

We human beings on this planet are now facing acute Global Warming Issues due to Extreme Pollution, high end Industrialisation, heavy emission of Carbon-dioxide and other harmful gases, deforestation, use of technology to ease our day-to-day life and lesser use of natural products.

“FAST” is the name for our 21st Century where everything is running – including life. The Human Race has succumbed to their EXTRAVAGANT NEEDS and has created a world wherein everything has to be at their fingertips. To a major good extent – we have been able to cope and create this world for us.

But, on the other hand to achieve this mark – we have also disturbed our atmosphere and other natural resources which are now turning harmful for us human beings. Amidst all this, Fashion Industry is one such industry which is also directly responsible for increasing pollution at various levels and to huge extents. On the other hand, technology is also proving fatal for it is taking place of the people who work for a living and turning them into unemployed. Employment exploitation is very common given due to these obvious circumstances.

FAST FASHION makers are yielding huge profits with ease – but are we at the least aware of the how much damage is being done to our nature? There is still so much we don’t know about the people who make our clothes, from farm to retail. Lack of transparency costs lives. It is impossible for companies to make sure human rights are respected, working conditions are adequate and the environment is safeguarded without knowing where their products are made.

There is no way of knowing where their cotton, wool or other fibers come from or who produces them. Wholesalers, agents and distributors are important and profitable roles in the clothing industry that the public doesn’t really see. Of all this – do we also know if Fair Trade is practiced? Fair Trade means – well being of the workers, their wages, gender equality, healthy working conditions, environmental precautions, etc.

Eco-Friendly Term itself is heart-warming, positive and of course a boon to nature. A product made from such ingredients which do not harm our natural resources in anyway and help conserve them. We at BenaturalCo – only produce Clothes from naturally grown cotton and all the process until garment is ready, is also eco-friendly. Our Fabric is dyed naturally – just like it was done thousands of years ago, these dyes are made from roots, barks, flowers, leaves, wood, etc. Naturally Dyed Fabrics are long lasting and give a very beautiful and soft touch to clothes in comparison to Synthetic (artificially prepared) Dyes which are made from chemical compounds that can be harmful to humans (foremost used in fast fashion production).

Water pollution can also result from manufacturing synthetic dyes when untreated dye effluent is dumped directly in water supplies.

Natural Dyes are prepared commonly in Reds, Blues, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Purples, Browns, . Apart from colour dyes, Whites & Ecru are the best forms of fabric that are highly Eco-friendly. White is soothing, calm, pure, serene and a lightest colour just like the eco-friendly fabrics being made. Next Ecru is the colour of unbleached cotton, linen or silk, a light beige or fawn. The word comes from French écru, ‘raw’ or ‘unbleached’ – also, gives an earthy natural feeling. Then comes one of the oldest Natural Dyes which has been in use for textile dying since almost 6000 years, Indigo (distinctive Blue Colour).

India was a primary supplier of indigo to Europe as early as the Greco-Roman era. The association of India with indigo is reflected in the Greek word for the dye, indikón (Ἰνδικόν, Indian). The Romans latinized the term toIndicum, which passed into Italian dialect and eventually into English as the word Indigo.



Blog by: Khyati Shah

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  1. Dominik Mazzeo
    19/11/2018 at 3:35 am


    My compliments for you beautiful website what you have made.
    I had visited your website last month to order something, but unfortunately I did not have enough money to buy it,
    but today because I had enough money, I wanted to order it from you now, but I can not find the product anymore in you shop,

    I hope you will sell the product again soon, mail me if you are going to sell it again, I’ll wait.


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