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No Waste

As it’s now come to light the fashion industry is responsible for a lot of pollution and waste so when we decided to start this company we wanted to follow the zero waste philosophy and pride ourselves on the fact that we waste nothing. Every piece of cloth is used. Nothing we use ourselves goes in any land fill. After Swami Satyamuni has finished with his art pieces we ask him to keep all the small pieces he doesn’t use, even the most minute pieces, which we collect up and take them to ‘Kalam Khush’ (Happy Pen) where they are made into paper.


All the white and non coloured pieces are made
into white paper and our coloured pieces are mixed together to make extraordinary coloured paper.

First the pieces are sent through a shredder machine to make them as small as possible and then added to the beater which has a solid concrete wheel and a mesh wheel that will whirl the cloth around in water for a few hours and make it into a pulp.

This pulp is then transferred onto a rectangular mesh frame which is dipped in water and evenly distributed for the sizing of the sheets of paper.

It is then lifted from the water covered with a piece of fabric and stacked to drip dry before putting through a press to release all the excess water.

From there the fabrics are removed and the sheets are hung up to dry out completely.

Once the rough paper is dry it with be put between steel plates and passed through a machine that resembles the old mangle for wringing out washing. This helps to make the paper smooth.

This paper makes our note books, gift wrapping paper and bags among other things. Have a look at our shop and see our paper products made from our very own fabric scraps.


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